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SPELL MODE :1-10 issued 10 music, words issued by the English spelling and pronunciation


LETTER MODE :1-10 issued notes mono, A-Z, issued the letters of the alphabet pronunciation, and the last six keys issued by the English


WORD MODE :1-10 issued by the figures in English 

 A-Z to issue the corresponding word in English last six keys to issue the corresponding sound.



This product uses three AA batteries, to exercise children's eyesight, hearing, ability and knowledge, Overall there are 54 keys, 1-10 numeric keys, 26 animals keys, letter keys, word keys, spelling button, find the letters to find the number keys, find the word key, spelling keys, scales, keys, duplicate keys, + - a songs key, ABC, voice tone, voice tone, a Chinese / English switch key) Chinese / English two kinds of functions, you can listen to music, to teach children the knowledge map to speak, children can use real educational toys to find the word by looking for letters.


Do not hesitate, this value learning machine, not only can teach children many things children can also have fun!


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